Alexander Sutton-Hough is a designer, cinematographer and photographer with a focus on social and interactive media and digital design. His past experience has been at ad agencies developing and executing concepts for clients such as Activision, Starz, Shell, Walmart, Marvel, Mattel and more to connect consumers with their products and create a lasting engagement between customer and brand. He has a background in social and motion design as well as cinematography for commercials, music videos and short films and artistic and commercial photography. His experience is in creating a wide range of digital creative using whatever skills or media may be needed and he is dedicated to bringing the ideas of any client he works with to life from conception through execution.

Alexander is efficient, motivated, learns quickly and can adapt to solve any problem that arises, be it creative, technical or even mechanical. He is fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, and more.